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Valenta is all about constant improvement and continuous learning. It is important for us to share information about new technologies and trends with our clients. Continuous improvement and learning are essential for personal and professional growth. Gaining new knowledge on a regular basis is critical. In today’s digital world and information economy we all need to stay up to date on trends in our industries. We also need to be aware of the best ways to leverage new technology.

Periodically Valenta publishes White Papers about important technology and trends that we believe are of value to our network. At Valenta we are most often writing about Process Improvement, Digital Transformation, Staff Augmentation, Digital Marketing, RPA, Conversational AI, and other topics. If there is a topic you would like us to write about, please drop us a line. When Valenta can provide insight and guidance we will thoughtfully research, author and publish.

Please find our most recent White Papers below. We hope you like them and that they add value for you and your business.

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Automate your expertise!  Where to begin? (Law)

Modern automation solutions are making it easier than ever to translate legal, business, and client expertise in workflows, document templates, and apps to support mission-critical processes. Does this reduce the time spent on high-volume, low-complexity tasks and, as the American Bar Association no...

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Conversational AI is Driving Disruption and Innovation

Conversational AI is a revolutionary technology that lets people interface with machines using ingrained skills (the ability to communicate conversationally). Conversation is an interface everyone already knows how to use, and this is a dramatic shift in the way we interact with technology...

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How Can SMBs Benefit from Consulting Services?

Fortune 1000 companies have long benefited from big consulting firms and outside consulting advice and guidance. At Valenta our mission is to provide the same types of services to mid-sized and small businesses. We want to ensure that SMB companies can compete globally and are not left behind as our...

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How Can Midsized Companies Benefit from Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a big topic. When it comes to midsized companies and small businesses the first thing to keep in mind is that it can be just as important for them as it is for larger enterprises and the Fortune 1000. Large companies have had a leg up on SMB organizations when it comes to l...

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How can midsized companies benefit from staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation refers to contract workers and outsourcing services. There are many ways in which midsized companies and small businesses can benefit from staff augmentation. Two of the main reasons SMBs typically choose to outsource is to get needed skill sets into their business and also to red...

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How Can Midsized Companies Benefit from Digital Marketing?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from digital marketing. Large corporations can hire big departments to address their marketing and digital presence needs. Midsized companies and small businesses frequently do not have this capability. This can put them at a disadvantage, but this problem can be s...