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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can dramatically transform Canadian companies and help them to innovate.  RPA can help make companies in Canada more efficient, leaner, and competitive in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving business landscape. With an increasing focus on digital transformation across all industries in Canada, RPA can be a critical tool to boost efficiency, streamline operations, and thrive in a highly competitive business landscape.

RPA is Rapidly Growing in Canada

Companies and organizations in healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, services, and many others in Canada can optimize their processes by adopting automation technologies like RPA.  With the labor market in Canada also becoming increasingly challenging, RPA can help by automating routine processes and tasks, allowing employees to focus on the highest value work, cognitive tasks, and also to be more client-facing. Tools like RPA can also help with the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements, ensuring accurate data collection, reporting, and monitoring, and better customer support and interaction.

Team combines various technologies to give you the very best of Automation

Getting RPA Skills is Challenging

While larger companies in Canada are automating their businesses and embracing digital transformation by hiring expensive RPA Developers and RPA Consultants, it has been harder for midsized companies and small businesses in Canada to do the same. Valenta is dedicated to helping SMB and SME organizations in Canada, with local Managing Partners in cities and provinces across the country who understand RPA and are experts in digital transformation. They work with onshore, nearshore, and offshore RPA developers and RPA consultants to deliver services to our customers.

RPA is Crucial for Canadian Companies

RPA drives efficiency and competitiveness, which are critical for companies to maintain their market position. By using RPA bots, Canadian companies can significantly reduce labor costs, execute tasks more quickly, improve accuracy, and scale up or down to accommodate fluctuations in workload with no need for additional human resources. RPA can also help organizations maintain better compliance with regulations, free up employees to focus on more engaging, creative, or strategic work, integrate with existing software applications and IT infrastructure, generate data on process performance, and ensure business continuity. 

RPA is crucial for Canadian companies. RPA drives efficiency and competitiveness. Contact one of our local RPA experts today.

Why Use RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software bots to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks, and business processes.  RPA bots never get tired, call in sick, or get bored.  They are always on point.  Canadian companies can realize many benefits by using RPA bots. 


Cost Reduction

RPA can significantly reduce labor costs by automating tasks that would otherwise require human intervention, freeing up resources for more strategic or value-added activities.


Increased Efficiency

RPA can execute tasks more quickly than human workers, which increases overall process efficiency and drives faster turnaround times that ripple exponentially through organizations.


Improved Accuracy

RPA bots always follow predefined rules and algorithms, reducing the risk of human error in data entry and other repetitive tasks, leading to better accuracy and quality.



RPA can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate fluctuations in workload, enabling businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs with no need for additional human resources.


Improved Compliance

RPA can help organizations maintain better compliance with regulations by automating data collection, reporting, and auditing tasks, reducing the risk of non-compliance and any associated penalties.


Employee Satisfaction

By automating mundane, repetitive tasks, RPA can free up employees to focus on more engaging, creative, or strategic work, leading to higher job satisfaction and productivity.


Work with Existing Systems

RPA bots can integrate with existing software applications and IT infrastructure, enabling Canadian companies and organizations to automate tasks without major system or process overhauls or customization.

Reporting, Analysis

Better Analytics

RPA can generate data on process performance, as RPA bots always do things the same way and never forget to record data. This enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.


Business Continuity

RPA bots can work continuously, even during periods of disruption or crisis, ensuring business continuity and reducing downtime to a minimum.

RPA is a valuable tool that Canadian companies can use to automate repetitive tasks and improve their overall efficiency and competitiveness. With benefits such as cost reduction, increased efficiency, improved accuracy, scalability, improved compliance, employee satisfaction, work with existing systems, better analytics, and business continuity, RPA can help Canadian companies thrive in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving business landscape.

If you’re interested in adopting RPA for your organization, don’t hesitate to contact one of our local RPA experts today.

Where Can RPA Help Your Business

Every industry has back office tasks that are rules based and redundant.  All departments in a business or organization also typically have high volume mundane tasks.  Finance, Accounting, Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT and HR departments can all benefit from RPA.  Ideal tasks to consider for RPA and Automation include the following. 


Data Entry

Updating databases with new information can be easily automated using RPA. Transferring data between systems or completing large migrations can also leverage RPA.

Construction Project Management

Invoice Processing

RPA can extract relevant information from invoices, match them with purchase orders, and automatically update accounting systems

Payroll Processing

Automating payroll tasks like data validation, salary/tax/benefits calculations, and report generation can all be automated, saving time and reducing errors.


Customer Onboarding

RPA can streamline the onboarding process by collecting, validating, and processing customer information across various systems in use by a business. 


Order Processing

RPA can automate tasks related to order management, such as validating orders, generating invoices, and updating inventory systems across an entire company.


Report Generation

RPA can be used to collect data from multiple sources, process it, and generate reports in various formats. All of this leads to better business insights.


RPA can automate tasks like sorting incoming emails, forwarding docs, and sending automated responses based on predefined rules. They can also automate chat functions or assist human workers interacting with customers.


HR Onboarding and Offboarding

RPA can automate tasks like creating user accounts, granting access permissions, and updating HR systems during employee onboarding or offboarding processes.


Data Validation

RPA can compare data across different systems to identify discrepancies and ensure data accuracy. This is very helpful where processes are not automated, and to check for human error.

Valenta is an Excellent Choice for RPA

We Provide RPA Consulting, Implementation and Technology

Valenta is a global professional services company that specializes in providing a range of consulting, implementation, and technology solutions. Automation and digital transformation are very important to our customers. We have RPA developers and RPA consultants ready to go and available to drive RPA projects for our clients. Our local Managing Partners are certified on leading RPA software solutions and able to provide expert advice and guidance. Our local Managing Partners work with other regional experts, plus onshore, nearshore, and offshore RPA developers and RPA consultants to deliver projects and RPA managed services.

Here are just a few reasons why Valenta can make an excellent choice for RPA. 

Dedicated Resources

Customized Solutions

Valenta works closely with clients to understand their unique business requirements and develop tailored RPA solutions that address specific pain points, leading to better outcomes. We are project driven and bring a process optimization mindset to all we do.


End-to-End Services

Valenta can offer a comprehensive range of services, from process analysis and RPA development to deployment, training, and ongoing support. We also have skills in Conversational AI and ML in addition to RPA. This end-to-end approach ensures quality and maximizes the return on investment.



Valenta can work with a variety of RPA platforms and tools. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate technology for each client’s specific needs. We also have a wide range of skills with other business software and can make the right recommendation based on our client’s needs.


Flexible Engagement Models

Valenta offers a range of engagement models, including consulting, implementations, and managed services. Our flexibility enables clients to choose the level of support that best suits their needs and budget. It also ensures that ROIs are attainable.



Valenta has a team of skilled professionals with experience in delivering RPA solutions and managed services across various industries. Our RPA consultants and RPA developers have deep knowledge related to digital transformation. This expertise helps ensure successful project implementation and ongoing support.


Global Presence

With offices and resources across multiple countries, Valenta can provide localized support and ensure that clients receive consistent, high-quality service regardless of their location. Our local staff is part of every project. Our offshore talent is recruited in top labor markets to ensure the right blend of skill and affordability for clients.


Proven Track Record

Valenta has a history of successful RPA implementations and RPA managed service engagements. Our local Managing Partners, and onshore, nearshore, and offshore RPA developers and RPA consultants bring the knowledge of multiple successful projects to every engagement.


Process and Continuous Improvement

Valenta is committed to staying up to date with the latest RPA technologies and best practices. We ensure that clients receive leading-edge solutions that drive ongoing efficiency gains. We also continuously monitor our processes, always looking for efficiency and optimization.

Valenta is an MSP for RPA

We Provide Flexible and Affordable RPA Managed Services

In addition to being an RPA Consultancy, Valenta is an RPA MSP or RPA managed service provider. Most of our midsized customers and small business clients leverage our affordable managed services to meet their specific and bespoke automation requirements. Working with a Managed Services Provider offers several benefits for businesses looking to optimize their IT operations and infrastructure. MSPs like Valenta have skilled IT professionals with expertise in various technologies and industry best practices. Valenta RPA MSP offerings provide many advantages. Some of the main benefits include the following.


Cost Savings

By outsourcing RPA to an MSP for RPA like Valenta, businesses can reduce costs related to hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house automation team. MSPs also typically offer flexible pricing models, allowing organizations to choose exactly the services they need and pay accordingly.


Latest Technology

RPA MSPs like Valenta stay up to date with the latest advancements in automation technology and AI. This ensures that clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions and best practices. Let’s face it, it can be hard to keep up an MSP can keep up for you.

Predictable Expense

By working with an MSP, businesses can often benefit from predictable monthly costs. Affordable monthly service fees make it easier to budget for automation expenses and can avoid unexpected costs. They also can get projects that otherwise would not be able to be started, up and running fast and affordably.



RPA MSPs like Valenta can quickly scale their services to meet the changing needs of a business. Whether it’s due to growth, contraction, or fluctuating workloads ramping up or scaling down is easy with Valenta. This enables organizations to adapt to evolving business requirements without significant investments in IT resources.


Focus on Core Business

Not many companies today are experts in RPA. By outsourcing RPA delivery and management to an MSP, businesses can free up internal resources to focus on their own core competencies, strategic initiatives, and most important of all, revenue-generating activities.


Maintenance and Support

MSPs often take a proactive approach to managing IT infrastructure and RPA software. Monitoring potential issues and addressing them before they escalate into bigger problems helps prevent downtime and ensures the ongoing stability of a business. MSPs can also help businesses implement security measures, monitor for threats, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Valenta Has Proven RPA Project Processes

Helping customers digitally transform their businesses is one of our core missions.  We have implemented many RPA projects and are providing RPA as a managed service for customers across the world.  Valenta has developed proven processes for delivering RPA projects.  Our methodology for RPA projects, as it is defined in the “Valenta Way”, is highlighted below. 

Examples of Valenta RPA Developer's Work

Healthcare, Medical Billing on MedOffice

Accounting, Account Receivable and Accounts Payable Reconciliation on Xero

Valenta's Expertise

We integrate with several platforms to enable greater flexibility and speed to results.

And more…

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