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Getting digital marketing right can be tough.

Valenta Digital Marketing Services, Maintain Level and Package

The Valenta Digital Marketing Maintain Level Package is designed for Canadian small businesses looking for support in maintaining their digital marketing efforts. Our team of experts understand the complexities and challenges of the Canadian marketplace and are here to provide a full-stack digital marketing service at an affordable cost.

Whether your business is lacking internal resources or struggling to keep up with current marketing trends, our Maintain a Digital Presence package offers the basics required to sustain and support your digital marketing initiatives. Our team of experienced virtual marketing specialists is backed by local Canadian based Managing Partners, providing a unique blend of onshore and offshore expertise to economically provide content creation and back-office support.

At Valenta, our goal is to make digital marketing accessible to businesses of any size. Our approach saves you the time and resources of hiring in-house staff while giving you access to a range of online marketing specialties. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest digital strategies and offers the latest tools and technologies to ramp up your projects quickly.

We believe in providing personalized and tailored support, from our initial deep-dive assessment of your business to ongoing account management and optimization of your digital campaigns. Our expertise covers a range of digital marketing areas, including customer acquisition, webinars, podcasts, branding, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, social media optimization, website design and development, PPC and display ads, customer experience, and customer retention.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free web assessment and start maintaining your digital presence with Valenta. Let our team of experts help you achieve your marketing goals and drive sustainable growth for your business.

Valenta’s Maintain a Digital Presence package offers clients the basics required to sustain and support their digital marketing activities leveraging Valenta’s experienced virtual marketing team at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. This package is suitable for any small or start-up businesses. Mid to Large sized businesses should consider Grow your Business and Accelerate your Digital Presence packages.

The Maintain a Digital Presence package gives access to varied skill sets and competencies across the range of online marketing specialties at very reasonable rates in comparison to the cost of hiring a full team. Marketing the Valenta way saves your business the time and resources of recruiting staff while at the same time giving you access to all of the different skills that you need to succeed.


Signs your business can benefit from
Valenta’s Digital Marketing Service

Lack of internal resources

Working with Valenta can help businesses looking to scale their digital initiatives but lack enough in-house resources to do so. Valenta provides an account manager, web developers, and a team of specialists typically for less than the cost of a full-time employee. Clients benefit from the expertise of a team with a wide range of skills working to create a strategy and delivering through execution.

Digital programs are falling short of ROI

If a client’s digital campaigns are falling short of desired goals, Valenta’s expertise can help improve results. Frequently, corporate marketing teams are working across multiple channels and cannot prioritize key areas such as PPC and SEO. A team of experts at Valenta can provide the attention, strategy, and the analytics know-how necessary to be more competitive, responsive, and achieve objectives.

Too busy to stay on top of current marketing trends

Staying current on the latest digital trends can mean the difference between remaining competitive and driving growth or being left behind. If clients are unsure of the impact of retargeting ads or the rise of mobile, then you could be missing out on opportunities for boosting campaign success. Valenta follows trends and is consistently monitoring and learning new tools in order to stay competitive, so your business always benefit from the latest digital strategies.

TMissing technology and need to scale fast

Valenta offers the latest tools and technologies to ramp up client projects quickly. Online campaigns can have many moving parts and in-house marketers are often too busy to micromanage every detail. This can result in programs that are over budget and slow to launch. Valenta offers accountability, flexibility, and the capabilities critical to getting campaigns running at a moment’s notice. Valenta clients benefit from economies of scale and get access to expensive analytics technologies. Deciding whether your company should hire Valenta includes a comprehensive assessment of internal strengths, challenges, and needs from a business, staffing, and technology perspective.

Some of the Digital Marketing areas we have helped our clients include:

digital customer acquisition channel

Customer Acquisition

live webinar


podcast to connect with users


branding your business


content marketing


influencing marketing


digital crm platform


email marketing to gain leads


social media optimization


user interface and user experience


ppc and google display ads


best customer experience


customer retention and increasing engaging rate


Valenta Digital Marketing Packages

$1,250/month Suitable for Small Business

Strategist | 2 hours/week

Website Designer | 1 hours/week

Graphic Designer | 1 hours/week

SEO Specialist | 1 hours/week

Social Media Specialist | 1 hours/week

Blogs | 1 blog/month

Just looking for support on a short-term marketing project?

Valenta can also do special projects like website development or PPC/Google ad words or LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram campaigns.

Junior Digital Marketing Specialists

(1-2 years of Experience)

From $ 2,000 per month

Mid-Level Digital Marketing Specialists

(3-4 years of Experience)

From $ 3,000 per month

Senior Digital Marketing Specialists

(5+ years of Experience)

From $ 4,000 per month

Some programs we use include:


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