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Sustainable Growth through Marketing


Digital Marketing Services, Growth Level and Package

Digital Marketing Services in Canada combine local partners, plus Canadian and offshore marketing talent. 

Valenta’s Sustain Level Digital Marketing Package is the perfect solution for Canadian businesses looking to take their online brand visibility to the next level. Our team of expert digital marketing strategists work closely with clients to create customized marketing plans that align with their business objectives. Our solution is designed to be accessible, offering a combination of local and virtual marketing experts, so that businesses of all sizes can benefit from professional digital marketing support.

Our approach is designed to bridge the gap between in-house teams and external digital marketing like ours, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.  During the first month of engagement, we will perform a thorough analysis of your business and its current digital marketing setup to identify areas for improvement.  Our experts will then work with you to develop and execute a sustainable marketing plan that drives results.  Our local Canadian Maraging Partners are part of the team and well and provide account management. 

Our team of experts has a wealth of experience across a range of different digital marketing skills, including copywriting, SEO, PPC, web development, graphic design, video editing, and more. We focus on finding the right balance between building brand-awareness, providing compelling content, and driving successful lead generation. Whether you’re looking to launch a social media campaign, improve your website’s user experience, or optimize your email marketing efforts, our team is ready to help you achieve your marketing goals.

At Valenta, we are dedicated to helping Canadian businesses thrive through effective digital marketing. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free web assessment and start driving sustainable growth for your business. Learn more about our Growth Level Digital Marketing Package by reading on.

Our digital marketing plans are a perfect blend of onshore and offshore marketing experts who provide fast, proven, hands-on results. Our service is full-stack and features bundles of hours of all the different skill sets required for successful ongoing digital marketing, including copywriting, SEO, PPC, web development, graphic design, video editing, and more.


Every business, whether it is B2B or B2C should have a digital presence which paid ads, search engine optimization, a website, social media, and any other place your B2B company is active online.

With Valenta Marketing, we help you create, manage, and launch your campaigns on a scalable, reliable, and extensible platform. Execute personalized marketing campaigns at scale, track and optimize lead flow, identify, and explore moments of interest, and deliver the right message at each touchpoint with our services.

Some of the Digital Marketing areas we have helped our clients include:

digital customer acquisition channel

Customer Acquisition

live webinar


podcast to connect with users


branding your business

Creativity and Branding

content marketing

Content & Collateral

influencing marketing

Influencer Strategy and PR

digital crm platform

CRM Optimization

email marketing to gain leads

Email Marketing

social media optimization

Social Media

user interface and user experience

Website and User Experience

ppc and google display ads

SEO, PPC and Display

best customer experience

Customer Experience

customer retention and increasing engaging rate

Retention and Engagement

For small to midsize businesses, often engaging Digital Marketing agencies can become stressful. Frequently Digital Marketing Agencies and companies will not or cannot work as an extension of your current team. This can cause a ‘disconnect’ with digital strategy development and execution. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency also comes with significant cost. However, frequently they will specialize on one or two aspects of digital marketing, but not all of them. Valenta makes digital marketing affordable for any sized business.

At Valenta we aim to bridge the gap between in house staff or business owners and executives via our hybrid offering. Our services provide businesses the opportunity to secure highly experienced local, in region Digital Marketing Strategists backed by a full-service virtual Digital Marketing team for a very competitive flat monthly fee. Our services are also comprehensive and end to end, so all bases are covered.

Some programs we use include:


Getting Started with Valenta

Focus and Direction

In the first month of onboarding, we will perform a deep-dive of your business in order to understand the complexities of the existing setup in use at your company. We will look at the speed of the website and areas where this can be improved upon. This process can identify where changes are needed, in order to improve your search engine optimization and increase organic traffic acquisition.


Your Marketing Specialist will look at any lead generation and brand awareness advertising campaigns you and your competitors are currently running, across various digital platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram etc.). Our experts will identify where improvements can be made and, in combination with support from client leadership, will be able to provide research to find new and competitive keywords to bid on.

Messaging and Content

We strive to find the optimum balance between building brand-awareness and conducting successful lead generation. We also focus on making sure our clients have compelling content. Many businesses tend to place more value on lead generation as they believe there is a quicker profit to be made. Our own research and experience has found that if brand-awareness or content is lacking, leads may sometimes be generated but then convert poorly to sales. Content, messaging, and brand awareness are key if customers are going to understand the values of the company and the solutions they offer. For this reason, an even distribution of focus on content, brand-awareness and lead-generation spend is what we provide.


All of our teams have years of relevant experience behind them in their respective fields and can add tangible value to your marketing output. Our managing partners are also part of the team and provide account management. We cover a wide range of different skills and have people who can do everything from running social media, paid search, and email marketing campaigns to editing video and website development.

Valenta’s Sustainable Growth through Marketing package provides a comprehensive, integrated marketing solution available to launch cross-channel marketing programs and unify all prospect and client marketing signals in a single view.

Valenta Digital Marketing Packages

$2,500/month Suitable for Mid-Size Business

Strategist | 4 hours/week

Website Designer | 2 hours/week

Graphic Designer | 2 hours/week

SEO Specialist | 2 hours/week

Social Media Specialist | 2 hours/week

Blogs | 2 blog/month

Just looking for support on a short-term marketing project?

Valenta can also do special projects like website development or PPC/Google ad words or LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram campaigns.

Junior Digital Marketing Specialists

(1-2 years of Experience)

From $ 2,000 per month

Mid-Level Digital Marketing Specialists

(3-4 years of Experience)

From $ 3,000 per month

Senior Digital Marketing Specialists

(5+ years of Experience)

From $ 4,000 per month

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