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Digital Transformation is Vital for Canadian Companies

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, digital transformation has become increasingly crucial for companies in Canada. As the information economy continues to expand, businesses are actively seeking competitive advantages by leveraging digital transformation to enhance their effectiveness and respond swiftly to emerging opportunities and threats. At Valenta, we specialize in empowering our clients to become industry leaders by deploying cost-effective and timely digital transformation solutions.

Partner with Valenta for Digital Transformation Excellence

We understand that many companies in Canada lack extensive IT staff or teams well-versed in technologies such as AI, ML, RPA, and Conversational AI. This is where Valenta, a trusted digital transformation consulting firm, excels. With our extensive experience in implementing these technologies, we bring unparalleled expertise to every client engagement. Valenta works across diverse business sectors and industries, leveraging a blend of onshore partners and consultants with offshore staff to provide insightful and cost-effective strategies and solutions.

Empowering Businesses to Focus on their Core Expertise

At Valenta, we believe that businesses should focus on their core reasons for being in business. We understand the unique challenges faced by companies in various sectors, including professional services, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, supply and logistics, retail, and many more. By partnering with Valenta, organizations can confidently entrust the complexities of digital transformation and automation to our experts, enabling them to concentrate on what they do best.

Guiding Organizations on the Digital Transformation Journey

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to guiding your organization throughout the entire digital transformation journey. We ensure that solutions are deployed in an economical and efficient manner, allowing you to seize the advantages of digital transformation promptly. With a deep understanding of the importance of agility and adapting to changing market demands, our expertise enables us to deliver customized digital transformation solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Valenta's Local Presence in Canadian Cities

At Valenta, we take pride in our local presence in Canadian cities. Our Managing Partners are strategically located across the country, ready to provide assistance in your digital transformation journey. Our experienced partners and consultants bring profound knowledge and practical experience in implementing digital transformation solutions across a wide range of industries. We are committed to helping your company achieve improved efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, increased productivity, and optimized operations.

Trust Valenta as Your Digital Transformation Partner

In an era where digital transformation plays a pivotal role in achieving business success, Valenta stands as your trusted partner. Focus on what you do best, and let us take care of your digital transformation needs. Contact Valenta today to unlock the full potential of digital transformation for your Canadian business. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey that will drive your organization towards greater success and innovation.

What is Digital Transformation

In the broadest sense Digital Transformation can mean leveraging any digital solution or software to transform a business.  However what Digital Transformation means today is leveraging automation and AI solutions to improve business processes.  RPA or robotic process automation software is an integral component of digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence / AI and Machine Learning / ML are also parts of many digital transformation solutions.  Conversational AI in the form of voice and text recognition are also parts of many of the platforms we deploy. Digital Transformation can be many things, however one role that it always plays is being a change agent. At Valenta we have experience and can offer guidance with all of it.

What can Digital Transformation do for your business?

Working with a Digital Transformation consultant like Valenta can ensure your business capitalizes on all the benefits of RPA, AI, and ML.  Leveraging digital transformation can achieve the following for your business. 


Lower costs

The cost of automation is typically 1/3 the cost of a human required to do the same job.  Various surveys and studies have found that 30-35% of a company’s human resource costs are dedicated to non-productive and repetitive tasks. If these tasks can be automated a significant amount of cost savings can be achieved because people can dedicate themselves to better work. It is very rare that bots replace human information workers.  Pairing bots with human workers makes them more efficient and able to accomplish more for a business.


Increase productivity

If tasks can be automated with RPA, Conversational AI and ML, a significant amount of cost savings can be achieved.  The humans who were formerly doing automated work can now do other higher-value work, and as a result productivity will skyrocket. Humans should be doing creative thinking and customer-facing activities.  Digital transformation can free them up for just that. 


Improve accuracy

A piece of software never gets tired, never gets bored and never gets distracted like a human can.  Therefore, it never or rarely makes mistakes.  When there are inaccuracies related to automation and digital transformation it usually comes back to poor input data or needs to tweak the design of a configuration. Study after study points out near-flawless accuracy once automation projects are completed. 

Why work with Valenta for Digital Transformation

In addition to making sure your company reaps all of the above benefits from digital transformation, there are other reasons to work with Valenta in this area. One of the biggest reasons we hear from our clients is that they do not have large IT staffs. Additionally, the staff they do have are not versed in AI, ML, RPA, and Conversational AI. A consultant for digital transformation, like Valenta, can bring years of experience with these technologies to clients. They can share best practices across a variety of business sectors and the specific sector of a client.  Working with a digital transformation consulting firm like Valenta can allow a business to focus on what it does best. An organization can focus on its core reason for being in business, … whether that is to provide professional services (accounting, law, medical etc.), manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, supply and logistics, or anything else.  It is best to leave digital transformation and automation to the experts in that field.  We are here to be your expert.    

Valenta approach to Digital Transformation Consulting

We will always make sure we discuss and discover all project requirements upfront. Then we will look to determine the best fits or solutions for requirements and discuss options. Our approach to every Digital Transformation and Automation consulting engagement is to keep it simple, be easy to work with, be knowledgeable, and stay within budget. 

Our Process for Digital Transformation and Automation Consultations follows the below path:


Assess – We will spend required time upfront to fully assess where your organization is today and where it needs to be.


Define – After a proper and thorough assessment we will comprehensively define requirements so that the right technology can be selected. 


Analyze – Once we have assessed the situation and defined requirements, we will analyze those findings and map them against today’s best available vendor platforms. 


Design – After we have identified the right automation provider to meet the requirements, we will design the platform for the specific needs of your business.


Implement – We will implement digital transformation solutions after the design phase and create a sandbox and pilot platform.


Test -The critical phase of testing occurs at this point, and we will test the automation, RPA or Conversational AI platform for all defined use cases, workflows, and departments. 


Deploy – Once testing is completed, we deploy the full solution for your team and work with you to ensure full adoption and the comfort of your staff with the solution.


Train – We typically do not end our work at the deployment stage and consider training critical for adoption and allowing our customers to get the most from their investment. 


Support – After deployment and training we can stay with our clients for support as long as they wish, our support can take the form of periodic check ins or even providing an ongoing full time or part time administrator for your platform. 

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